New Technologies Fair “Smart Tech” 2018


The 6th New Technologies Fair “Smart Tech” was held on 24th and 25th of November, at the shopping center Delta City in Podgorica. The Fair was organized by Vision Event, sponsored by Ministry of Science, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Education of Montenegro.

Wide range of participants – renowned companies and institutions were presented to the visitors at this year’s New Technologies Fair, on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm. Participants of Smart Tech were: M:tel digital factory, Telemach, Stratus, UCG Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Com Trade Distribution, 2BI, D Photo Trade, Kimtec Montenegro, E-Sports Alliance of Montenegro, University of Donja Gorica, Montebot team “Pavle Rovinski Elementary School”, Montenegrin Association for Technical Culture “Politehnica” and Milivoje Djukic, author of interactive weather boxes, realized within the project “Open Days of Science”.

In a very attractive ambience, the exhibitors presented the most innovative products, services and applications, improved performance of the latest technology which makes everyday life easier and organized interesting interactions with visitors, in the form of testing products, actions and giveaways.

All visitors were able to get information about the latest technological advancements available in Montenegro, to try different models of smartphones, tablets and computers, television systems, home appliances, audio and video equipment, video game equipment, modern devices and applications for business and private purposes, virtual reality devices, as well as to see the advanced functions of robots of different constructions and drones and to participate in the gaming tournaments.

One of the activities of the New Technologies fair was cooperation of Vision Event and academic community University of Donja Gorica, through the competition for the design solutions of the students. The topic was “Modern technologies for sustainable development”. The eight best student`s design ideas, which demonstrated the ways in which modern technologies are applied in areas of sustainable development, were exposed to Smart Tech. The project “Green Solar Bench”, of author Strahinja Jakić, was awarded a study tour at the prestigious IT conference in the region, which was provided by the Ministry of Education of Montenegro.

M:tel Company presented the most innovative projects realized through the M: tel digital factory – the center for the development of technological entrepreneurship and innovation. The M: tel digital factory significantly influences local technological development and progress. On Smart Tech that visitors got acquainted with the latest 3D printing, robotics, programming, but also with many novelties of this telecommunication company.
The Telemach company was presented with the Telemach EON platform, which has received a key product – EON smart box. This product combines television content with Android TV digital services and applications, making each TV Smart TV. After setting HD as a standard, Telemach went a step further and brought the first in-country channel in 4K resolution – SK 4K. EON is the biggest technological innovation in the region that brings a whole new experience of watching television and is available to everyone in Montenegro whether on or off the Telemach network.

Stratus was presented the latest ACME models of action cameras, smartphones, bluetooth speakers, wireless chargers, smart scales, innovative virtual reality goggles, as well as accessories for power phones, cables, adapters and the like. At the same time, they presented the latest models of AULA gaming headphones, mice, mechanical keypads, gaming chairs. Stratus, which is also the general importer and distributor of the mentioned brands, and all visitors were able to convince the quality of the product, a modern design and a wide range. For the visitors of their stand was organize a giveaway with valuable prizes.
For the sixth time, Smart Tech’s confidence was demonstrated by D Photo Trade. This year, they presented the most innovative brand printing devices for the territory of Montenegro – Konica Minolta, OKI, Epson, as well as the equipment and materials for the creation of the painters.

Company 2BI was presented the services of designing, developing and maintaining IT systems, as well as the newest, first wallet application in Montenegro “Digital kiosk”, which enables users to quickly and safely pay for mobile phone services. Additionally, the 2BI team will also inform all visitors of the trainings: Learn Excel, Learn Word and Learn PowerPoint, where participants learn new skills to fully utilize the potential of information technology.

Visitors to the fair was presented distribution of Kimtec CG, with brands for which they are representatives and distributors for Montenegro. Visitors were able to try out Vivax’s many features, phones, TVs, air conditioners and small home appliances, Acer Laptops – which are one of the most wanted brands in our market. At their stand, different models of high technology drones will be presented to the visitors.

Com Trade Distribution was presented diversified assortment of leading brands in the field of IT equipment, TVs, photo and video equipment, mobile phones, smartphones, smart home and other home appliances. Visitors also were able to get information about the Tesla house brand, whose product range (TVs, air conditioners, smartphones and tablets) has been extended to the entire program of white technique.

In addition to the offer of renowned companies which took a part in this year’s fair, visitors were able to saw how the students of the Mechatronics Department from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Montenegro learn and entertain themselves by designing and making interesting devices. Students also presented some of their projects: a mobile robot with built-in airbag, a robot crawler with an upgraded robot manipulator, a robot walking, a two-point mobile robot that keeps the balance in motion. The mechatronics showed how they had built a mini hydroelectric power plant.
At the Fair of New Technologies, we learned about the possibilities and functionality of the Lego robot, which was presented by the MonteBot team from the Pavle Rovinski Elementary School, the first school in Montenegro that began to deal with robotics. The “MonteBot” team presented the many features and functions of the robots they have created, which will be able to test visitors to the fair.

The Montenegrin Cultural Technological Association “Polytechnic” opened to all visitors of the fair a magical world of new science, through workshops that lead young engineers of electronics and computers about ways of assembling and programming robots, as well as performing experiments in the field of electronics and microcontrollers. On Smart Tech, the youngest developers, through play and socializing, were able to learn how to program robots to track, throw balls, push objects, avoid obstacles, detect movements, raise and transmit items, and, using the metering instruments, measurements of more physical quantities and thus make their first scientific research steps. Presentation from electronics were presented at the fair, whose authors are youngest members Lazar and Miloš Miličević from the elementary school “Milorad Musa Burzan”, who presented the devices they themselves designed and built – Tesla transformer and Electromagnetic top.

To Smart Tech visitors were presented interactive weather boxes, by author Milivoje Djukic, with the most interesting information from the chronology of human history, the history of the universe, the history of inventions, and the chronology of future expected events both on Earth and in the Cosmos. The project was realized within the festival “Open Days of Science” organized by the Ministry of Science of Montenegro. Through the game, through the construction of various structures, visitors were able to learn about man, his development through the history of civilization, but also about the greatest secrets of the Universe.

For all gaming lovers was organized gaming tournament by the E-Sports Alliance in cooperation with Gaming Haus and PC Gamer and sponsors of Crnogorski Telekom and MeridianBet. Gamers were play on the console PlayStation4 following games – FIFA 19, Pro Evolution Soccer 19 and NBA 2K 19. On Saturday, November 24th, a tournament was held in the FIFA 19 game, and on Sunday, November 25 was held the Pro Evolution Soccer 19 and NBA 2K 19 tournament. This tournament is one of the largest in our area, as far as the number of competitors and awards are concerned. Telekom provided PlayStation4 for the winners of all three games; PC Gamer secured the second place for the PS4 + game of the tournament, and for the third place 3 games; while MeridianBet secured voucher for the first three places to the amount of 50 euros; for all players in all three games entering the 1/4 finals, they provided special T-shirts made for the tournament, and for the semi-finalists in all three games – MeridianBet backpacks.

The success of the fair witnessed by the positive reactions and comments of visitors, which during the day of the fair, for two days at the weekend, were more than double the previous day in Delta City.